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How to switch your pitch on linux

Nick Gully, Denver

Say you want to sound like you are huffing Helium.

Recoding with Cheese, save a file (on Fedora 37, this becomes a .webm)

Cut the audio out of the video:
ffmpeg -i 2023-02-13-203611.webm  -vn -acodec copy "output.oga"

Shift the pitch up:
ffmpeg -i output.oga -filter:a "rubberband=pitch=2.059463094352953" 

Then add the audio to a 
ffmpeg -loop 1 -y -i balloon.png -i out_balloon2.wav -shortest -acodec 
copy -vcodec mjpeg the_ballon_knows.avi

The Balloon Knows Where It Is...