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Podcast / Streaming roll April 2023

Nick Gully, Denver

Well There's Your Problem
A podcast about engineering disasters, with Slides.

The future? It's trash. Technology, Politics, Economics, and scams scams scams.

The Black Athlete w/ Louis Moore & Derrick White
Insightful analysis, opinion, and experience from really amazing professors who get great guests.

Lions Led by Donkeys
Lions led by donkeys. When war isn't hell, it's stupid, wasteful, and wrong.

Wide Atlantic Weird w/ Cian
Critical, but never cynical, an amazing detailed look at cryptids, aliens, and supernatural matters. A wonderfully referenced look back at history that ties together history, personalities, and permutations of belief.

Elecia & Christopher White look at the many fascenating aspects of embedded devices and their intersection with people, art, science, math, nature, education, and fun.

Technology Connections
Great investigation and celebration of technology in the world around you.

Cpp Weekly
Great way to keep up to date on a variety of aspects of C++

How to switch your pitch on linux

Nick Gully, Denver

Say you want to sound like you are huffing Helium.

Recoding with Cheese, save a file (on Fedora 37, this becomes a .webm)

Cut the audio out of the video:
ffmpeg -i 2023-02-13-203611.webm  -vn -acodec copy "output.oga"

Shift the pitch up:
ffmpeg -i output.oga -filter:a "rubberband=pitch=2.059463094352953" 

Then add the audio to a 
ffmpeg -loop 1 -y -i balloon.png -i out_balloon2.wav -shortest -acodec 
copy -vcodec mjpeg the_ballon_knows.avi

The Balloon Knows Where It Is...

Fun with PyTest

Nick Gully, Denver

If you want to debug a pytest within a framework,

import pytest;pytest.set_trace()

at a point in a test you want to break at, then

./pytestrun.sh tests/foo_engine/test_my_grits.py --pdb

and it'll break there in your pytest to the debugger.


Nick Gully, Denver


Christmas Cat

Nick Gully, Denver


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