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CenturyLink fiber and TP Link m5 working together

Nick Gully, Denver

If you want to use a TP-Link Deco with CenturyLink Gigabit fiber, here is how I made it work.

The CenturyLink supplied ZyXEL C3000Z seemed rather decent, but I wanted to directly connect to my TP-Link mesh to minimize hardware power demands and router hops.

  1. Call or Chat with your friendly installer, or contact online the support staff to get the PPOE password. The username can be gleamed from the supplied modem documentation.
  2. Go into the TP-Link app and setup the internet connection of the main AP to More -> Advanced -> IPv4 and use the configuration for CenturyLink Fiber.
  3. Setup the IPv4 with The PPoE Username and Password.
  4. Have the IPv6 use the same login as the IPv4
  5. Enjoy!