Mar 1975 to May/Jun 2016

I would like to start by giving a very special thanks to Bob and Irene Brown for many years of publishing, first the FINELINES and then the NGSL GAZETTE magazine. Also thanks to Keith Wiseman for giving me free space on his WEB site when I lost my space on AOL. I have a new format for the data because Windows 7 does not support my very old DOS program. I am using Open Office Spreedsheet for my data.

Thank you for using the NGSL GAZETTE INDEXES. I hope you find them of use in searching for narrow gauge railroad articles, drawings, photos, books, videos and product reviews that have been published in the NGSL GAZETTE.

NOTE: If you do not have the issue with the item you want, and the issue is out of print, you can call contact Bob Brown or check with Cleo Simmonds at Montage Worldwide, P. O. Box 8171, Shawnee Mission, KS 66208,, 816 659 7500


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This Subject Index uses a code under "CD" column; "C" is the magazine cover, "D" is for a drawing or plan, "F" is for a feature article, and "P" is a photograph. The titles of most of the articles were rearranged to facilitate the alphabetized sort by putting the subject word in front. Example: THE LADY SLIPPER MINE becomes MINE LADY SLIPPER. Some of the items are listed in the index more than once to make it easier to find them. Also some special lines in the listing point to where there is more information on a subject. An example is: DENVER & RIO GRANDE SEE ***** D&RG;, D&RGW;, and C&TS; ******. The SUBJECT INDEX has been subdivide in three parts to help FIND data. The three parts are FEATURE ARTICLES, PHOTOS, and DRAWINGS.


The Author Index is the same data as the Subject Index except it is in Author sequence. It doesn't include the special lines but does have some duplicated entries.


This is a new index created for the 25th anniversary issue and is updated each issue. The index is sorted into scale within 13 sections. Some of the sections are subdivided into real railroads, models and different scales.

The section codes are as follows;

A Audio Recordings. B Books, divided by real Railroads and Models. C Catalogs. D Drawings and Plans. F Movie Films. I Items used on Model Railroads and the catch all. M RTR Models. N Non Railroad Structures. R Kits for Rolling Stock, both Locomotives and Cars. P Photos and Slides. S Railroad Structures. T Tools for building Model Railroads. V Videos divided by real Railroads and Models.

Thank you for using the Indexes and I hope you find them useful, Maynard Van Roekel 1221 N Fremont St Apt 19 Iowa Falls, IA 50126 641-648-9200 For questions, omissions, or errors please let me know about it at